Retail Space Owners:Be a Re-seller for Outreach Lesson

Outreach Lesson Book Alive are not just books, but each also comes with recorded lessons of a qualified teacher going through each page of the book.

The combined product can be marketed as Lessons + Book (Price: $100 + $10 = $110), or Lessons with free book (Price: $100).

We have however chosen to sell them as book with free lessons, that is pricing them the same as that of books, making it the most value for money product in both the print and digital worlds. It is not a great challenge selling Outreach Lesson Book Alive. For the consumer, it is a no brainer, as long as they see our lessons.

If you have some spare retail space, we look forward to working with you.

We will consign a shelf (W90cmxD41cmxH180cm, on wheels) of books (see picture on right) to your shop. Each shelf comes with a designated number of titles for a particular sector, for example Primary School Assessment Books. Each shelf also come with a LCD display that will play videos that introduce each book series and the associated lesson demonstration. These video will clearly explain to the consumer the value of Outreach's books. Essentially your role is to bring the books to your customers' attention and the books should sell based on its own value. The terms and conditions are as follows.

  1. The books are on a full consignment basis and there is no need to you to come up with capital.
  2. You will also be entitled to a commission of 25%, consisting of 20% for sales and 5% for losses. Note with this payment of 5%, there shall be no claim for losses while the goods are in your possession.
  3. If your sales is above $5000 per month, we will give you an additional bonus of 5% of all sales for the month; making it a total of 30%.

If you are interested in becoming our re-seller, please get in touch with us at 9116-2024. Our staff will make an appointment to visit you at your shop, to assess the suitability of your retail space. On mutual agreement, we will sign a consignment agreement, and our staff will deliver a fully stocked shelf to your location, for you to take over. Each week our staff will visit your location to take stock and re-stock, if necessary.

In addition, Outreach Lesson has a team of promoters who are rotated to all retail stores carrying our products to assist retail store owners to sell our products. We will also provide basic training for our products.

There is zero invest on your part, and not alot extra that you would need to do as well, other than to turn on the LCD and collect sales. Turn that spare corner into CASH. Talk to us today.

Have Spare Time?
Be a Promoter for Outreach Lesson

Promote Outreach Lesson to your friends, to parents, to teachers and turn your spare time into cash. Outreach Lesson Book Alive sells on it own value. All you need is to explain and bring to the attention of the end consumers the value of Outreach's book, and you will be on your way to collect orders. You can collect stock conveniently at our Outram Park MRT outlet. It is located right in front of the fare-gates. Call before hand to inform our staff, and we have it packed for you. You need not even exit the fare-gates, just call out to us and we will walk over to hand over your order.
Sales/month <$300 = 20%
Sales/month $300-600 = 25%
Sales/month $600-1000 = 30%
Sales/month $1000 onwards = 35%

Join Outreach as teacher, author, agent or retailer NOW!

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