Outreach Programs for Primary School Students

Outreach program for primary school students conform to the latest Singapore Ministry of Education syllabus. We offer an all in program to prepare your child for all the examinable subjects for each respective level.

Each level comes with at least 200 hours of virtual classroom lessons and tens of thousand of relevant formative assessment questions for your child to practise. The questions are auto-marked and you will full access to the performance report of your child. You will be able to track your child's performance and accordingly direct your child to improve his/her weakness. In fact your child may not be able to complete all questions. It is simply too many.

All lessons and assessment tests are yours for a single price, S$249 for 12 months' access, S$399 for 24 months' access, and S$499 for 36 months' access. When you subscribe to our program, please tell us your child's level. We will enrol your child in subjects of his level. Our system will automatically promote your child to the next level on 1st December of each calendar year. For example if your child join us during Primary 3 on 10th June 2009 on a subscription, he will get to see primary 3 lessons and tests from 10th June to 1st December 2009, and then primary 4 lessons and tests from 1st December 2009 to 10th June 2010. In the event that you would want us to change the date of promotion, simply drop us an email to inform us of your child's latest development and we will be more than happy to customise the enrolment accordingly.

Please click on the below links to learn more on what is offered for each subject.


English Creative Writing Lessons

English Exam Skills and Revisions

English Progressive Exercises


Math Topic by Topic Lessons

Math Exam Skills and Revisions

Math Progressive Exercises


Science Topic by Topic Lessons

Science Exam Skills and Revisions

Science Progressive Exercises


Chinese Creative Writing Lessons

Chinese Exam Skills and Revisions

Chinese Oral and Listening Lessons

Unbeatable Value


S$249 for 12 months


S$399 for 24 months



Automatic Promotion of Your Child to the Next Level on 1st December of each Calendar Year,
unless otherwise advised by you.

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