Math Topic by Topic Lessons

These lessons help your child to get the basics right before going for the assessment tests. A good part of the primary school examination are multiple choice based questions. So what does it mean when your child gets 50% of the answers right and 50% wrong? Is it because he does not quite understand the basic? Do not leave things to chances. Do make sure your child has all the concept correct. Have someone deliver the fundamental to him at the right pace that he can absorb; not too fast, not to slow.

Outreach Virtual topic by topic lessons are interesting and self-contained lessons on each topic with lots of worked examples, delivered based on first principle. These lessons aim to get the basic right for the students. A good grip on the concepts, coupled with good examination skill will ensure your child's success at the exams. An absolute must if the child had not already master the concepts in class. With Outreach Lessons, the child can re-listen to the lessons as often as necessay. No longer do you need to worry about lapse in concentration - which happens very often.

1. Ensure understanding of the basic concepts in each topic
2. Strengthen pupils' comprehension and analytical skills

Based on MOE's latest syllabus. All topics are covered.

Available: Primary 3 to Primary 6

Sample Lessons

View sample lessons for each level here. Click on the links below and save the file to your local disk. Then double click on the file to run and view. Note that each demo is about 6MB in size and may take a while to download.

P3 Demo
P4 Demo
P5 Demo
P6 Demo

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