English Exam Skills and Revisions

This is the "must have" module for your child. In this module, our teacher worked through actual past year exam papers. Whichever school your child attends, the ultimate test is the PSLE - the common, national benchmark, and take note, the PSLE exam paper is NOT set by your child's teacher.

Our teachers have worked through hundreds of exam papers from many schools. The standard varies greatly. We are NOT saying schools that have easy exam papers are worse than those with difficult ones. The ideal is of course to have papers that are virtually similar to the common exam papers. In fact, either case, too easy or too difficult, is not good. But as we will all expect, the final common paper will have both straightforward and difficult components; the first to test the child's understanding of the syllabus, the second to discriminate between the average and the better prepared students.

Let us not kid ourselves. However good your child is, exam time is not the time to discover new things. Expose him to the different types of questions, to the varying styles. Do not let him be stunned by questions he seemed to have never encountered before. The best way is to have him work through exam papers not from one source, but as varied as possible. It is not a good thing to use workbook from one author only. Your child will end up with a very biased view of the exams.

We use exam papers from different sources, so that your child will see the entire spectrum. Our teacher will teach your child the way to phrase the answers, so that he is to the point. In our lessons, the teacher will write out the answers, as your child should do in an exam. Your child will see exactly what he has to do to get full mark for that question. This is quite unlike many private tuition, where the tutor just explains the answer. Understanding is only one part in doing well in exams. Demonstrating your understanding is the KEY.

Does it mean you only need to prepare your child in P6? Starting early will never be a disadvantage. Don't stun the child in his most important year. Be prepared from Day One.

1. Improve understanding of requirements of exam questions
2. Strengthen pupils' comprehension and analytical skills
3. Master exam techniques

Based on exam papers of different schools . Detailed workout and explanation of each question.
1. Teach pupils to understand requirements of exam questions
2. Stimulate pupils' thinking skills
3. Teach pupils ways to derive answers
4. Help pupils work out answers
5. Teach comprehension skills
6. Boost vocabulary with creative word games

Available: Primary 3 to Primary 6

Sample Lessons

View sample lessons for each level here. Click on the links below and save the file to your local disk. Then double click on the file to run and view. Note that each demo is about 6MB in size and may take a while to download.

P3 Demo
P4 Demo
P5 Demo
P6 Demo

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