Chinese Oral and Listening Skills

Some parents told us that for oral you need to practise. It is not good just attending a lesson. We agree. Spoken language fluency is important. However how many of us have tried this for ourselves. Take a picture of a scene in a dental clinic, and then try to do a 5 minutes monologue. What words to use? where to start?, how to link? will probably set you back a little, and not something that would come so naturally to most people.

Do you expect your child to figure all the things to say in the 5 minutes preparation time they were given. While the ultimate competency would be the ability to string a three minute monologue off the cuff, the route to that competency requires a lot more guidance.

In this module, our teacher will go through pictures, help your child to analyse, equip your child with the relevant words and then demonstrate to him how to string them altogether into a coherent piece of monologue. Each week, your child will go through one scenario. 10 weeks, the child goes through 10 scenarios. Let the teachers show him what to say in each of these scenarios, and the related ones.

Give your child a lot more time, not just 5 minutes. Do not stun him. Things would be a lot easier, if the exam topic is related to one that he had been taught. And of course if he has gone through 20 to 30, chances are that this indeed would be the case.

1. Train listening and oral skills
2. Improve knowledge
3. Boost language usage and fluency
4. Master oral exam skills

1. Reading lessons
2. Picture composition lessons
3. Lessons to ace Oral skills
4. Lessons to ace Listening skills


1. teach clear and accurate pronunciation;
2. finer points of picture composition skills;
3. impart ability to handle oral exams;
4. improve listening skills

Available: Primary 3 to Primary 6

Sample Lessons

View sample lessons for each level here. Click on the links below and save the file to your local disk. Then double click on the file to run and view. Note that each demo is about 6MB in size and may take a while to download.

P3/P4 Demo

P5/P6 Demo

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