Chinese Creative Composition Writing

Most students find composition the most difficult part of the language subjects, and indeed it is. What to write?, how to start?, how to link? are all questions asked by every child. In this module, our teacher will guide your child weekly through one composition. Our teachers do not just explain, and suggest. They will, for each topic, guide your child in gathering the materials for the composition. They will teach your child how to go about starting the composition, linking the story line, and finally apply whatever that is taught, and write the essay out in full together with the child. The child do not get someone that talks superficially on how to write, what to write, but he sees for himself all the guidance translated into a complete A+ essay right before his own eyes.

He is shown how to translate ideas/concepts into the final product. How many private tutor will do that? The truth is that to do, this is a lot of effort in preparation. How many tutors who go from one house to the next, actually would have the time to do this?

Imagine your child going through with us for a year. That is 20 composition a year. In a couple of years, we would have cover every conceivable topics. We cannot produce miracles in the one month before the PSLE. Start today. But of course, if your child is already in P6, it is still better to be late than never.

1. Build foundation for fluent writing
2. Enrich vocabulary and usage ?C idioms, phrases & sayings
3. Strengthen language ability and application
4. Excel in essay writing

1. Guidance in picture composition writing
2. Understand & apply idioms, phrases & sayings

1. Teach requirements for picture/thematic composition writing
2. Teach step-by-step how to plan essay
3. Teach step-by-step how to write each paragraph and how to end essay
4. Teach clever and interesting phrases to convey different settings, mood and characters
5. Teach meaning and usage of idioms, phrases and sayings

Available: Primary 1 to Primary 6

Sample Lessons

View sample lessons for each level here. Click on the links below and save the file to your local disk. Then double click on the file to run and view. Note that each demo is about 6MB in size and may take a while to download.

P2 Demo
P3 Demo
P4 Demo
P5 Demo
P6 Demo

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