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Outreach Lessons for primary school students go beyond supplementary materials for your child. The materials are designed to help your child achieves the best possible results under the current examination system and be in the running for A+.

Outreach Approach for Math and Science

We approach the teaching and learning of Math in the following 3-step process.

Step 1:
We get your child to understand Math concepts and maintain interest. Depending on the topic, we either have highly animated presentations or a teacher going through the concepts in our virtual classroom.

Step 2:
We get the child to work through questions in each topic. Ifthe child do not know the answer, our computer guides the child to the answer step by step.

Step 3:
We get your child to practise with standard past year exam question paper. After the practice, he can turn on the virtual classroom, and our teacher will explain the answers to the question paper. This ensures your child know exactly why he is right or wrong.

Outreach Approach for English and Chinese

Grammar is taught through highly animated presentation complete with audio. We structured exercises into interesting full multimedia pages; with sound, and flying objects. We make vocabulary, similes, antonyms learning interesting. The program is also peppered with enrichment in areas of listening skill, oral skill, etc, to ensure your child achieves a high level of standard in the language.

We get your child to work through past year exam papers. After they have gone through the papers, they can turn to our teachers in the virtual classroom to ensure they know why their answers are right or wrong.

Creative Composition Writing

Many students find composition the most difficult part of the language subjects, and indeed it is. What to write?, how to start?, how to link? are all questions asked by every child.

In our lessons, our teacher will guide your child weekly through one composition. Our teachers do not just explain, and suggest. They will, for each topic, guide your child in gathering the materials for the composition. They will teach your child how to go about starting the composition, linking the story line, and finally apply whatever that is taught, and write the essay out in full together with the child. The child do not get someone that talks superficially on how to write, what to write, but he sees for himself all the guidance translated into a complete A+ essay right before his own eyes. He is shown how to translate ideas and concepts into the final product.

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