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Click on any bookmark to jump directly to that point of the lesson.Alternatively drag the time slider (or key in the exact time) to the point in lesson and then click the jump button.

Study with Friends

If studying alone is boring, students can choose to study with their friend instead. Just click the "Study with my friends" link.

He can then choose his friends in the same module that he/she wants to study with. If he does not specify his friends, then all students in the class will see his invitation and may join him.

The designated friends would see the invitation when they log in. If they click on the invitation, then all the friends will get to review the lesson together, synchronously, like in a class. Just as in the case of the synchronous virtual classroom lesson, scheduled by the teacher, the friends will have access to the conference chatroom, with all the associated message-based and live communication tools.

We make online study fun too.

Outreach Virtual Classrooms

Outreach Lesson Virtual Classrooms are designed to mirror real physical classrooms, in its simplest form. Moreover, with digital world enhancement allows it to go way beyond physical classroom in term of benefits to the learners.

Just like attending a lesson in a classroom, a student attending a virtual classroom lesson sees and hears the teacher, as well as see a full resolution screen of the teacher's computer screen, with all the real time annotations as the teacher made them during the lesson. The student may ask questions anytime during the lesson, or respond to questions asked by the teacher in the lesson. The questions or responses can be voice, drawings or typed text. These response will be automatically uploaded to the forum page of the module where the teacher or other students in the module can respond.

In addition, the student can navigate to any part of the lesson; review difficult parts again and skip over parts that he already knew. With only 40MB per hour of lesson, and Outreach advanced streaming technology, even students with dialup access only will have no problem accessing lessons.

Blending Digital Self-directed Learning with Traditional Teaching

Beyond frontal teaching, Outreach Lesson allows the teacher to insert pages of any earlier uploaded multimedia tests to be inserted at any point during the lesson. When the lesson reaches the point in time specified by the teacher, the lesson will automatically pause, and the pages of the multimedia test appear. The student will have to complete the exercises before continuing with the lesson. Beside formative test questions, the teacher can also insert videos (for example from Youtube), flash movies, interesting webpages, and others. These resources will automatically be retrieved and placed within the controlled environment of the lesson.

Synchronous Virtual Classroom Lesson

Beside allowing students to self-paced learning, the teacher can also schedule synchronous sessions based on each of the available lessons. All students including the teacher will log in at the scheduled time and play back the lesson. The progress of the lesson will come under the control of the teacher, that is wherever the teacher navigate to, all the students' respective sessions will follow.

Communication among the students and teacher is a large conference styled chatroom. Everyone "sit" around a central white board, where the main discussion will take place. Students who want to chatter among themselves can make use of a second chatter channel. Communication mediums are typed text messages, voice messages, drawing messages,a live voice channel, and a collaborative white board.

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