The teacher can create a marking sheet with all the performance criteria that the students must achieve in the project.

With a professional crafted marking sheet, giving clear performance criteria, other assessors can also be effectively assigned to grade the project. This can be done via the Assessor link.

ePortfolio Submission

The deliverables of the project can be submitted through the ePortflio link of the module. Click here for details.

Outreach Workbins

Students will only see the workbins that they have access to submit their work. Ohter workbins will not be visible to them.

Outreach Project Management Platform

Outreach Lesson Project Management Platform allows teachers to collect together all the information at a single place to guide students through the execution of the project.

Project submission can be via a personal portfolio or less formally through a submission workbin.

Projects can be assigned to g roups formed in the Student List link of the module.

Outreach Workbins

For less formal submission, workbins can be created for students to submit the deliverables of the projects. Workbins can be very flexible as shown in the property menu below. Workbins can be used in many situtations including for collaborative work for member in a group project.

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