What the student sees

The student (if the teacher enables viewing) the time he spends on each lesson and the percentage view. He can also see the results of all the test taken. He is not able to see the results of other students nor the module summary.

The student, and the teacher as well, is able to see the detailed access by the student to each of the lesson. Exactly which of the lesson is accessed and how many times are all plotted in graphs for easy visualisation.


Performance Report: The Pulse of your Class at your Fingertip

We tracked students’ preformance to the last detail. You can see in a graph which parts of lesson are viewed and how many times or which parts are skipped. If you had ticked attention tracking beside the lesson, you would even know if the student had viewed attentively.

You can see the students’ assessment performance. You can combine these with your classroom test marks. You can create weighted combination of the test marks to give you an indication of academic wellness of each student. You can use this to automatically trigger advisory SMS/emailsto parents.

You can view statistics of each lesson and test for the class. Combining data from both online and class attendance and performance, we create for you lists such as “Students in Trouble”, and Students getting into Trouble”. We escalate brewing storms to your attention before any damage is done.

Module Summary

Individual lesson summary

Individual student report

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