Outreach Lesson Features

Outreach Lesson is designed to mirror the physical school environment in one aspect, for example the patent pending virtual classroom system. In another aspect, with the benefits of digital technology, it is able to extends far beyond what a physical system can offer.

In this section, the various features of the Outreach Lesson is summarized as a collection of sevencategories. Please click on each of the below to learn more.

  1. Virtual classroom lessons
  2. Assessment system
  3. Performance management system
  4. Communication system
  5. Project management
  6. ePortfolio
  7. Administration


One other important aspect of Outreach Lesson is the ability to share lessons, and resources among the teachers. Sharing is fully flexible, ranging from sharing with a colleague to sharing to all users on Outreach Lesson on a worldwide basis.

Sharing in Outreach Lesson does not mean you lose control of your intellectual properties. Beyond images that users can download to their computers, for all others such virtual classroom lessons, and multimedia test question banks, only pointers to the your resources are provided to the intended recipents. The acutal lessons and tests cannot be downloaded and stored elsewhere. Anytime you decided not to share, simply unshare them, and no one else would be able to access them anymore, including those users who had previously imported your links.

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