Outreach ePortfolio Platform

Outreach ePortfolio Platform allows users to create a portfolio of their work throughout their course of study. This is normally tied in to a project of the module.

Students can upload all forms of documents, as well as demonstrations and presentations recorded using Outreach Lesson Virtual Classroom tools. The virtual classroom tool is particularly useful as the full resolution, complete screen, with all the dynamic annotation of the student's computer is captured. There is no restriction to using powerpoint slides. The student can demonstrate for example how a computer program works using the development environment of the program, just as if the audience are next to him by the computer.

At the end of the module, Outreach can collate all the uploads into a playable CD or DVD. Each CD contains about 15 hours of full multimedia virtual classroom based presentation, whereas a DVD contains about 100 hours. The CD or DVD are plug and play. Simply insert them into a computer's CD/DVD drive, and a menu will appear, with a detailed description of each item in the disk and a "Play" button beside it.

Whether your student is going for direct admission application for the next institution, or for a job, the ePortfolio DVD will put your students at an advatnage compared to other students without it.

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