Student Performance Tracking Feedback

Outreach student feedback platform provides a simple interface for teachers to add short running feedbacks and comments daily or regularly for each student.

Students and parents would be able to view these short snippets on themselves or their children regularly in the performance report link. Thus instead of waiting for the final end of term - meet the parent session, timely comments, collected at one place can be made available to parents anytime.
This channel is also not intended for "complaints only" feedbacks . It can be for positive motivation remarks. Positive strokes go a long way for many students.

Outreach Blog

Outreach blog, just like all other modules, support full formatting and multimedia, with a WYSIWYG direct Internet linking feature for images.

There are two levels of protection for users. The entire blog can be set to either public (anyone can search and view), private, or protected with a password which allows only friends with the password to view.

Within the blog, all entries can also be set with the same three parameters, public, private or access with password. In additon, the author can either allow comments or not. All these properties can be changed anytime by simply going to the property pages of the blog or entries, and change them accordingl


Outreach Communication Platform

Different situations require different medium for effective communication. Outreach Lesson Communication Platform contains all the various different communication channels for doing so.

  1. Module forum
  2. Student performance tracking feedback
  3. Conferencing chatroom
  4. Blog
  5. eMails
  6. SMS (chargable at cost)
  7. Announcements/notices
  8. Module information/FAQs

Outreach Forum

Every module has a module forum. This is a full format multimedia (images and audio) forum allowing students and teachers to effectively express themselves. In addition, questions asked and comments made when a student attends a virtual classroom lesson are uploaded here for subsequent follow-up discussion by the class. The comments for each lesson are organised in each separate folder for easy tracking.



Top: On module home page, all the topic folders will be shown. Questions and comments relating to each virtual classroom lesson is organised into one folder automatically.

Left: The conversation thread in each folder


Outreach Conferencing Chatroom

Everyone sits round a conference table. Students can get to "sit" next to a good friend. Two communication channels are provided. The first is the main discussion whiteboard in the centre, and all posts on this whiteboard are logged. The second channel is via the yellow input box - the chatters. This channel is designed for off-topic chatters among the students, and the postings can be viewed by placing the mouse cursor on the person's chair.

Research showed that when young people are in a physical meeting room, apprehension tends to prevent many from expressing their opinions. On the other hand, behind the computer, and alone, the behaviour is very different. This is evident in logs of chatroom, where the main discussion thread are peppered with terms like "lol", "omg" , etc., making the logs hard to read.

Outreach's patent pending conferencing chatroom is designed to provide a second channel for thisnecessary chatter. Students can also send private messages to particular students.

The results in pilot runs in a few schools are very positive. Logs of the main discussion are cleaner. Students also tend to be less apprehensive, as the perception is that the posts are not logged and therefore transient and will gone when they "walk" out of the chatroom. Therefore even less outspoken students are seen to open up more. The teacher can monitor these chatters and encourage these students to put their thoughts on the main discussion board.

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