Auto-marked Multimedia Tests

At the test properties page, the teacher can set all the properties associated with the tests, including whether to apply automatic animation to liven up the test page. This is particularly interesting for younger children. Teacher can also set the action by the system if the student fails the test.

Teachers can also set successful completion of other lessons or tests as prerequisite for this test, or in the property setting of the other lessons or tests, make the successful completion of this test as their prerequisite.

Open-ended Multimedia Tests

Teachers can view each answer, give a grade and more importantly feedback comments to the student.

Synchronous Challenge Tests

Designed for MCQ single response only, questions will be drawn from an auto-marked multimedia test that you had uploaded. A question at a time will be flashed on the whiteboard. Students will select the correct answer by clicking on the buttons, A, B, C or D. The name of the student with the fastest correct answer will be announced to the class.

Outreach Multimedia Assessment Platform

Outreach Lesson Multimedia Assessment Platform contains three modules:

  1. Auto-marked multiple choice question based multimedia testing module
  2. Open-ended question testing module
  3. Synchronous challenge test module

One of the key features of the assessment platform is the ease and flexibility in authoring tests. The test question banks may be authored using Microsoft Word offline, levering on the availability of resources already in that format and the power of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get Word tool.

Auto-marked Multimedia Tests

A key feature of Outreach multimedia testing platform is that all media and full fledged formating are support in both the question text and answer choices. Currently four question modes, namely multiple-choice- single responese, multiple-choice-multiple response and cloze select and cloze fill in the blank are supported. In addition it supports an animated slide show mode and text animation for hybrid teach and test lessons.

A test may be prepared in one of two ways. The first is online using a friendly what you see is what you get interface. It also support a simple direct linking to internet resources such as images. This avoided many potential copyright infringement possibilities.

The second way is offline using MS Word. Outreach provides an application plug-in to MS Word, allowing simple tagging within the Word document to support the testing format. The use of Word means many existing documents can be converted into ful-fledged online tests within minutes by just inserting tags according to the template provided by Outreach.

Outreach provides one of the most friendly test management system, allowing novice to begin using the system almost immediately, but yet provide great flexibility for advanced users.

For a start, teachers can simply upload or author a test and put it online for the students to do. Setting the earliest time and latest time to begin a test, the test duration, allowing answer checking and others are all just ticks inside the property page of a test.

Uploaded tests automatically become test question banks, in which teachers can create other by selecting questions from these test. Various ways of selection are provided. Teachers can also create dynamic tests, currently progressive tests, where questions are presented to students in difficulty tagged to the current recognised ability of the student, and formative tests, where the students are assisted by the system towards the correct answer if they face difficulty.

Open-ended Multimedia Tests

This module allows a teacher to set filly formatted open-ended questions, together with embedded images and sound. The students answering the questions can have the same input environment.

The answer to each question is saved on the server as they are entered by the student. Once a student is satisfied with his answers and click the ready for assessment, the teacher will be able to read the asnwers, give a grade and comments on the answers.

Answers to the same question by different students are organised together to allow consistent marking. Marks awarded with be collated by the system to give an overall grade for each student in the performance report of the student.

Synchronous Challenge Tests

To add an element of competition and fun to your class, you can set a test to be an open synchronous challenge test. You will schedule the test at a particular time and all students will log in at the appointed time. They can then sit down in front of the white board. While waiting for the test to commence, they can chat to each other on the private chatter channel.

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