» Required Equipment and Facility

You will need to have the following in order to be able to attend Outreach Lesson Online Tuition classes.

  • Broadband Internet connection; fixed or mobile. Note that mobile broadband can sometime be rather congested and video transmission can be jerky.
  • PC with at least 2GB of RAM and running Windows XP or later OS. Outreach Lesson does not support MAC iOS or Linux.
  • A webcam so that the teacher can see you.
  • A headphone and microphone.
  • A scanner - this will be provided free to you when you sign up for a module lasting at least 6 months. Otherwise you can buy this from Outreach Lesson for $120 each.

» Initial Software Setup

Note that Outreach Lesson Online Tuition will only work on computer running Windows XP or later OS. Currently there is no support for Apple iMac or Linux based computers. To begin, use a browser to go to http://www.orlesson.org and then log in to your account using the supplied userid and password. If this is the first time you are using your computer to access the Outreach Lesson site, you will need to install the RLS client on the computer. You will need to install it once for every computer that you use to access the Outreach Lesson site.

To install the RLS client, click on the download link at the login screen. You will be brought to the Software Download screen. The system will automatically detect the OS running on your computer and present you with the correct RLS to download and install. Click on the link. You will be prompted to Run or Save the downloaded application. Click on Run. The application will be downloaded and then run. Please follow the instruction on the screen.

At the end of the installation, the application will be run. A menu will appear on the screen informing you that the application is trying to access your internet connection. Please click on Allow Access or Unblock, depending on the question on the screen. Note that if you click No or Block, then the RLS application will not be able to receive the lesson from the Outreach Lesson server and your system will not work.

Once this is done, you will find a blue RLS icon on the task bar (next to the clock on the bottom right corner) of your computer. Each time your computer boots up, RLS will be automatically loaded just like Yahoo Messenger, or MSN.

You are now ready to access all lesson the Outreach Lesson server as well as attend live tuition classes.

» Viewing My Lessons

At Outreach Lesson, there are many fun things you can do at every corner. Wander around with your mouse cursor. Description of interesting things that you can try could pop up at any corner. If you like it, just click on it to fly there to explore further. In this section, let us explore MyLessons, where you can find all the lessons that you need to know for your study.

After you logged into the Outreach Lesson airspace (left picture), fly to the school by clicking on it.

You will be brought into the school (right picture) where you can select to go to the building of your level. Click on the building to enter.

The modules you are enrolled for are shown on the lift lobby (left picture). Click on the appropriate subject floor to go up to the classrooms.

If there are some modules that you want to attend but you had not yet enrolled, click on one of the unallocated floors and you will be brought to the shopping area. Do remember to bring your parents along.

There are many rooms on the subject floor (top picture). The first room on the left is the MyLessons room.

Click on it to go in. You will find all the lessons and assessment practices inside (far left). If there is something that you do not understand in school and would like to review the material, this is the place to look for them.

All the material that you need to know for your level in this module are in here. There are high resolution video lessons, pdf notes as well as online auto-marked tests. Just click on them and explore.

» Attending Online Tuition

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