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Outreach Lesson Virtual Classroom, the state-of-the-art full multimedia 2-way interactive platform, delivers a more conducive learning experience than physical classroom. Together with our well qualifiied tutors, students get to learn and receive assistance from the best teachers without the need to leave their home - a convenience more important than ever for the busy students and parents. Outreach Lesson Tutors Online is available for all subjects and levels at the most affordable fee - Check out today.



100s of free lessons

Available - 100s of hours of free recorded lessons, covering the entire MOE syllabus. All you need to excel in your study is at your fingertip, beyond the quality assistance from our competent tutors.


Never miss a class

No need to travel, and you can attend the lesson anywhere, even overseas on holidays. All you need is an internet connection. Even if you really cannot attend, lessons are recorded for review.


Affordable fees

At only $12 per hour for a small class size of 10 students (max), you get the best attention from the teacher. Plus free access to 100s of hours of recorded lessons.

» How it works

Click here to enrol, or send us an email to let us know of the classes that you want to enrol your child in. We will contact you to confirm the place. We will then arrange a date and time for you to come down to our centre located conveniently at Outram Park MRT station (NE line) where we will show you and your child on how to operate the system. Rest assure that the system is intuitive and your child would be able to master it within minutes. You can also collect your FREE high resolution scanner at the same time.

Your child will also be give a set of userid and password where they can log in from this page. In the account, your child will be able to view hundreds of lessons and assessment tests covering the entire MOE syllabus in the subject he is enrolled for.

At the Online Tuition area, you will see all the schedule sessions for the class that your child in enrol for. Each session lasts 1.5 hours. Five minutes before a scheduled session, the link for that session will become clickable. Click on the link to enter the classroom. You should see your teacher there. Click on an empty seat and sit down. You are now ready to begin your study. In your classroom, you will be able to do the following.

Listen to your teacher explaining a concept on the shared whiteboard. You will hear and see the teacher as she explains on the whiteboard.

Be asked to contribute to a solution on the shared whiteboard. The whole class can collectively work out a solution on the shared whiteboard.

Be asked to explain the solution of a problem to the class. Your friends will see and hear you. They can also send you written comments that will appear directly below your video window.

Be asked to show your work to the class/teacher. Click on the scanner icon to capture an image of your work onto the whiteboard..

Ask your teacher questions or even show your school homework to her so that she can help you.

While the rest of class is working on some problem, the teacher may speak to you one-to-one.

You are able to interact with your other classmates through the private chatter board or even do a one-to-one video call if there is no activities in the class.

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» Classes starting soon

» You need the following

  • Broadband internet connection
  • PC running Windows XP or above OS
  • Mic and headphone
  • Scanner (FREE with a 6 month enrolment)

» We are located here

We are conveniently located just in front of the fare-gates of Outram Park North-East line MRT station (NE3- purple line). If you arrive on the EW line, please go DOWN (not up) the escalator, and walk along the connecting tunnel to the NE line. As you emerge from the tunnel you will see us just in front of the fare-gates.

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