Online tuition

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  • Launch in March

    Q1. What is Online Tuition?
    Outreach Lesson Virtual Classroom, the state-of-the-art full multimedia 2-way interactive platform, delivers a more conducive learning experience than physical classroom. Together with our well qualifiied tutors, students get to learn and receive assistance from the best teachers without the need to leave their home - a convenience more important than ever for the busy students and parents. Outreach Lesson Tutors Online is available for all subjects and levels at the most affordable fee.

     Q2. How is the Online Tuition works?
    There is a virtual conference room for lesson discussion, allow teachers and students to share white board to have live class Audio-visual presentations. On the shared white board, we can draw, voice or send text messages. Even have whisper zone for side discussion.

    Q3.  How to attend Online Tuition?
    You can follow the step by step instructions flash, on the bottom of this webpage:

    Q4. How about the fee of Online Tuition?
    It cost $12 per hour of lesson or $468 per module per semester. Plus free access to 100s of hours of recorded lessons. In addition, the online lessons of the subject you enrolled will be free.
    A scanner (worth $150) - will be provided free to you when you sign up for a module lasting at least 6 months. Otherwise you can buy this from Outreach Lesson for $120 each.

    Q5. What equipment and facility do I need?
    You need broadband Internet connection; PC with at least 2GB of RAM and running Windows XP or later OS. (Outreach Lesson does not support MAC iOS or Linux.) You also need a webcam (so that the teacher can see you), a headphone, a microphone and a scanner.

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