Online Programme

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  • Online Study Process

    Q1. How can I do my online study?
    Firstly, log on our website to create Account and Login. Then select and enroll with Outreach Modules. And then download and install RLS Client, the RLS is necessary. After that, navigate Outreach Lessons and attend a Virtual Classroom or Online Tests or multimedia Forum. After you have studied for a while, you can view your performance report.

    Online Order Process

    Q1.  How can I make an order?
    The process is as followed: 1, browse and select books or lessons. 2, add to Cart. 3, fill the order form and confirm. 4, select a payment method. 5, You can make payment directly or top-up your account’s balance to checkout using your account’s balance. 6, After that, you can get the parcel of books or access the online lessons. .

    Payment Methods

    Q1.  How can I pay for the order?
    We accept payment methods including Credit Card/ Paypal, Cheque and Bank Transfer.

    RLS Client Instructions

    Q1.  How can I download RLS Client?
    Please click on the Downloads button on the top right middle of the webpage. Follow the instructions on the subsequent WebPages.

    Q2.  How can I install RLS Client?
    The instruction flash: Download and install RLS

    Q3.  How can I use RLS Client?
    Please ensure that the client application RLS.EXE is running before you attend an online lecture session, or playback an archived session. It should auto-run once you boot up your computer. Once you had run the RLS.EXE application, it will remains resident on your system. You can see its presence (a blue RLS icon) on the task bar (bottom-right hand corner) of your computer.

    Q5.  How to unblock RLS in Avira?
    See the detail charges: unblock RLS in Avira.

    Q6.  How to unblock RLS access to Internet?
    See the detail charges: Unblock RLS access to Internet.

    Contents & Recourses

    Q1.  Which grade to participate in the course?
    We provide both Primary School courses and Secondary School courses. Grade level from Primary 1 to Primary 6, and from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4.

    Q2.  My son is in primary school, what kind of subject can he enroll in?
    For Primary 1, we provide Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. Please visit:
    For Primary 2, we provide Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. Please visit:
    For Primary 3, we provide Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. Please visit:
    For Primary 4, we provide Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. Please visit:
    For Primary 5, we provide Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. Please visit:
    For Primary 6, we provide Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics courses. In addition, you can get a Demo Module for free. Please visit:

    Q3.  My son is in secondary school, what kind of subject can he enroll in?
    For Secondary 1, we provide Chinese Writing Skill Training. Please visit:
    For Secondary 2, we provide Chinese Writing Skill Training and Math. Please visit:
    For Secondary 3, we provide Chinese Writing Skill Training. Please visit:
    For Secondary 4, we provide Chinese Writing Skill Training and English. Please visit:

    Q4.  How long can I access to those online courses?
    Different courses have different access period, range from 30 days to 365 days. It depends on what you enrolled in.

    Primary School House

    Q1. Why I can't study my lessons?
    Make sure that you have install our RLS Client. If you have not, please download RLS now and then run it by double clicking on it. Then follow the instructions on the screen. To make it easy - just click "yes" or "ok" when you are asked for a response.
    If this is the first time you access the Outreach Lesson, there are some little problems that some people encountered.

    1. Firewall - if you have a personal firewall installed on your computer, a good chance is that the firewall is not allowing our RLS client to access the Internet. Windows Internal Firewall: If you have this turned on, during the installation of the RLS, you should have a message on the screen telling that RLS is trying to accessing the Internet and asking whether you want to block or unblock it. If you had click unblock, then you are ok. If unfortunately you had clicked "blocked", you will now need to manually unblock it. To do so, go to control panel, and open up "Security Center" (Win XP) for "Windows Firewall" (Win Vista). Click on the Exception tab. Scroll down to find the application RLS.exe. Check the box beside it.
    Third Party Firewall: In this case, what you need to do is to open up the control panel of your firewall and then add our client, "RLS.exe" to your list of "trusted" applications. This is often just a tick that you have to put in a check box beside the application RLS.exe.

    2. The RLS.exe implements a state-of the-art synchronised download algorithm. In a live lecture mode, it liaises with the streaming server to ensure coordinated synchronised voice, video and data even in a dial-up link. In the case of archived lessons, it implements an intelligent multi-threaded download to ensure the highest possible throughput with minimum start-up time. It fact it is equivalent in function the Internet Explorer, except that it is optimised for Outreach Lessons. RLS.exe will read and use all the settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but due to the installation of some third party software, the parameter read may not be always accurate. If you had allowed RLS.exe through your computer firewall, then perhaps one of proxy setting may not be correct. To check, right click on the blue RLS icon at the taskbar of your computer, and select Setup. In the proxy tab, check the auto-detect box, if it is not already checked. If you are using one of the public ISP like Singnet, Starhub or Pacnet, this would work. If you are accessing from the intranet of a company, you may want to check with your system administrator. For security reasons, many large corporations have special settings.

    Q2. How to start studying?
    Click on the "School " icon and you will be flown to the School campus. Once you enteredthe campus, you can choose to go to any of the buildings that house the various levels. Click to enter the building of your choice.
    On the ground floor of the building you will find the modules that you are enrolled in on the "Direction Board". Click the appropriate module to take the lift to your module floor.

     Q3. How to change my personal information and password?
    Just click on the blue "Profile" button. You can edit your personal information and change your password here.

    Q4.  Why I can’t see the screen of teacher and hear the voice after I clicked?
    When you view a video lesson for the first time, you may have to wait a short while before you see the screen of the teacher and her/his voice. At this point you will not see the video of the teacher. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it may take some time before the video appeared.
    However the next time you view the same lesson again, all voice, screen and video will appear almost instantaneously. This is because whatever that is needed would have been cached on your hard-disk during your first viewing.

    Q5. Why I can’t play the games?
    All the games require some ORpoints. Study harder, then you will get more ORpoints.

    Q6. Where to see my performance record?
    Click on the blue “Record Card” button. You can see your online lesson record and test record, including lesson length, total time spent, maximum points, reached points and ranking among all students.

    Q7. Why I can’t enter the meeting place and blog?
    Your ORpoints are not enough, earn more ORpoints and you can get access.

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