How to launch lesson CDROM?

Quick Help

  • 1. You will find the CDROM on the inner front cover.
  • 2. Remove CDROM and insert into PC running Windows 2000 or later OS.
  • 3. Click on lessons on the menu that appears.
  • 4. View lesson. There is no software to install
  • Launching Outreach Lesson CDROM

    Step 1

    Insert the CDROM into CD drive of your computer, and you should hear the CDROM drive reading the contents of the CDROM. For most computer, a menu will appear automatically showing all lessons on the CDROM. In case the menu does not appear automatically, please go to Step 3.

    Step 2

    On the menu, you would see all the lessons that are available on the CDROM. You may click on any of the blue box. That particular lesson will now be shown on your computer screen.
    Do be patient. It may take a while for the lesson appear. Many computers will take some time to read the content of the CDROM.

    Step 3
    Please use your file explorer of Windows to explore the CDROM drive. You should see the directories and files as in this picture. Double click on the file "AutoRunrlsCD.exe". The menu, as seen above should now appear.
    Please note that only Windows 2000 or later operating system are supported.

    AArrr..... ! CD does not work! Lets do a Quick Check.

  • 1. Only Windows Please note that the CDROM will only work on computers running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later OS, and this includes Win 7. It will NOT run on MAC OS or LINUX based netbook (sorry - we cannot help here).

  • 2. CD drive keeps turning and nothing happens. Many users may not have used their CDROM drive for a long time. If this is the case, the drive may be dirty. Please clean it using a CD cleaning disk.

  • 3. CD turned for a while and then stopped. Some PC has been configured not to auto-run application on the CD drive. This may have been done by the anti virus software. If this is the case, the CD content menu may not appear automatically. You will have to manually run the application the CD. See Step 3 on the left.

  • 4. If you see a grey box with the word "Action" and then nothing else happen subsequently. Mmost likely the ability to run HTA (HTML as an application) code by your Windows OS was indiscriminately crippled by some anti virus software you are having or had before. Please get back to your anit-virus vendor and demand that they restore your system. If in the unfortunately case that they are no longer in business, you could try this small freeware application that may just do the trick. It will restore the Windows registry entry to its original value. Please note that this is not our application and we are unable to support beyond providing them on a "as is" basis. To be able to run HTA code is a built-in feature of Windows. As long as it is not disabled, the code in the CDROM will run.

  • 5. Menu appeared. but when item clicked nothing happend. This could again be because your system had been configured (likely by some anti-virus software) not to run executable files (.exe) from CD. In such a case, you can copy the entire content of the CD to a folder to your harddisk. Then run AutoRunrlsCD.exe from your harddisk.

  • 6. Do not click the items on the menu more than once each time. Be patient. Your computer may be the latest, but the CDROM drive normally cannot read data on the CD too quickly. If you would like faster access, you may copy the content of the CD to your computer harddisk for your own private use, as above.

  • 7. No sound. Please check that your computer audio is correctly installed. Also check that you are not running another program that may have "hoard" the speaker. Some of those webcam applications can be a real pain. Please exit those applications in this case.
  • Studying with Outreach Lesson CDROM

    Screen of Teacher's ComputerTeacher's videoOn launching a lesson you will see a video window with voice of the teacher, and a large window showing the teacher’s desktop with real-time annotations.

    It is virtually like attending a lesson in a physical classroom, where the teacher project the screen of her computer using a LCD projector onto the front of the classroom. However this is better. You can get as close as you like, and there will be no fading voice.

    Beside seeing and hearing better, you can do a lot more. You can click the "Pause" button to pause the playback. Click again to continue. You can also click the "Expand" button to view a higher resolution (VCD resolution) video of the teacher. This is especially useful when the teacher is demonstrating some concepts.

    Navigation page

    Click on the "Nav" tab on the top right hand corner. You will be brought to this navigation page.

    Note that the status "rls-0:1:49" refers to the elapsed time of from the beginning of the lesson. On this page you will see many thumbnail images of the teacher's computer screen at various elapsed times of the lesson. These are the hr:min:sec sets of number below each thumbnail. Double click on any of the thumbnail will bring you directly to that part of the lesson. You can therefore hop back and forth anytime during the lesson allowing you to relisten difficult parts of the lesson, or skip over easy parts.

    You can also navigate by dragging the slider bar to any elapsed time of the lesson and then click on the "jump" button. Likewise, you will be brought to that part of the lesson.

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