Professional Enrichment Centre

Professional Enrichment Centre

 Q1. What can I learn in this Enrichment Centre? How about the fees?
We provide courses about Accountancy, Engineering and Language/Culture. For detailed information, please visit:

 Q2. What content do you have in Accountancy?
In Accountancy, we provide courses inculde: ACCA CAT and ACCA Professional. ACCA CAT: CAT01, CAT02, CAT03, CAT04, CAT05. Please visit:
ACCA Professional: ACCAF1, ACCAF2, ACCAF3, ACCAF4, ACCAF5, ACCAF6, ACCAF7, ACCAF8, ACCAF9, ACCAP3. Please visit:

 Q3. How to change my personal information and password?
In Engineering, we provide courses include: System Architeching and Real-time Embedded Software. Please visit:

 Q4. What content do you have in Language/Culture?
We provide Chinese History, Chinese Language and Korean Language.For Chinese History, please visit:
For Chinese Language, please visit:
For Korean Language, please visit:

Outram Park MRT Station (NE Line) (Basement 3-beside fare-gates)
B3-01,300 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore,059816
Tel:+65 3150-7345
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