We apply the following procedure when engaging authors for Outreach Lesson Publication.
Subject Area

Book Alive provides a multi-medium channel for authors to put across their expertise to learners. Subject areas, involving skill set will derive great advantages from these additional channels. Reference books of a factual nature may not require such additional channels. Potential authors are required to seek agreement with Outreach on the subject area before proceeding further.
Pedagogical Approach

Once the topic/subject is agreed, we request the author to give us a Preface (one page) to the proposed book. In the preface, please outline the targeted readers, the learning outcomes and the pedgagogical approach in achieving the learning outcomes.
We will review the preface, and work with the author to fine tune the key blue print of the book.
Sample Writing

Once the blue print of the book is agreed, we will request for a sample chapter. Our editor will work with the author to fine tune the language and style of the book.
Once the sample chapter is approved, we will sign a publishing contract with the author. We will provide manuscript template for authors to follow when delivering the softcopy of the book to us.
Delivery of Book

The manuscript must be delivered to us in soft format using the template that we provide. Our editorial team will go through the manuscript and give feedback to the author. The author is required to respond to our feedback.
Delivery of Lessons

Once the manuscript is finalised, the author will be required to attend a one-hour training session on the recording of multimedia lessons. The author shall then proceed to record lessons based on the book. We can provide all the equipment for the author to do.
The Contract

We work on either fixed lump sum or royalty or a combination of both.


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